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A print ready version of the schedule can be downloaded here...

Friday, May 27.
crashrocket (54K)

Crashrocket is one of Central Florida's premier rock bands playing a wide variety of cover songs ranging from 70's, 80's, 90's and current rock. They also play original music. The band plays consistently, averaging about 10 to 12 shows every month performing in several different venues.
Crashrocket has built a strong following throughout it's many years of performing and the guys have a very close relationship with their fans. From clubs to major concerts including shows with Great White, Saliva, 7 Mary 3, Quite Riot and more, the band always gives 100% in their performances. The band is also sponsored by Jagermeister and Go Digital App.

Friday, May 27th
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Some of the most iconic rock songs came from the bands Journey and Bon Jovi. The tunes Don’t Stop Believin’ and Wanted Dead Or Alive are 2 of the greatest “encore” songs ever written!
But you can’t see those bands like they were in their prime anymore, with Steve Perry in Journey, and Big Hair Bon Jovi with the fringe jacket and explosive stage moves and fun 80s vibe...can you?!
The Titans Of Rock Concert Experience is a - JOURNEY AND BON JOVI - show and brings you back to those packed arenas when bands really put on show! It is the tour you wish you could have seen, but now you can!
THIS IS ONE BAND that does both bands!
Their singer looks and sounds just like the real thing, and the band is all live, no tracks!

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28th Annual
Blue Crab Festival

Palatka, Fl

May 27th.
5pm. to Midnight
Kick-Off Party
Live Bands

May 28th.
10am. to Midnight

May 29th.
10am. to Midnight

May 30th.
10 am. to 5 p.m.
Parade and Memorial Ceremonies

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Blue Crab Festival Committee
PO Box 1351
Palatka, Florida 32178-1351

Email Us: