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Monday, May 29th.
red river (49K)

St. Augustine, Florida….can boast of two facts, that it is "The Nations Oldest City" and is also home to The Red River Band! Mention The Red River Band to any of the locals, and they have either heard them, or have defiantly heard of them. The people of St. Augustine have voted The Red River Band "favorite band in town" 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. The Red River Band is known for their Country, Bluegrass and Southern Rock mix. The Band is a group of five musicians, four of which were born and raised in St. Augustine.

Jonny Pellicer - Guitarist and vocals, his wife of 36 years, Lori Pellicer - Bass Guitarist and vocals
James Wilson - Guitarist and vocals
Mike Bennett - drums and vocals

The Red River band has been honored to have been asked to open for many great artists over the years such as Charlie Daniels, Johnny Winter, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Daryl Singletary, John Anderson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Stevens, Pat Boone, Lil Jimmy Dickens, and played an entire show with Bo Diddly.
They have also had the honor to share the stage and sit in with the likes of Amy Dalley, Jack Sizemore (guitarist for Jason Aldeen), and Artimus Pyle of Lynard Skynard. This groups talent and their faith in God and a lot of hard work is what has gotten them to where they are today!

Monday, May 29th.
jpdriver (47K)

JP Driver is Jonny Pellicer, Billy Annin and Steve Switkin. Three full time professional musicians with lifetimes of experience on both large and small stages and every type of music you can tap a foot to. The band was born several years ago when given the opportunity, one night a week, to get back to the reasons they all started and just play for the joy of it and it worked! Since then, JPD has stuck to it's original vision: Exist only in one place. The Tradewinds Tropical Saloon in St. Augustine Fl. Only on one night a week. Thursday! All for the joy of playing.
The Palatka Blue Crab Festival is one of only three times a year you can see this band of professionals do what they love to do most on a big stage. Don't miss it.

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29th Annual
Blue Crab Festival

Palatka, Fl

May 26
5pm. to Midnight
Kick-Off Party
Live Bands

May 27
10am. to Midnight

May 28
10am. to Midnight

May 29
10 am. to 5 p.m.
Parade and Memorial Ceremonies

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Blue Crab Festival Committee
PO Box 1351
Palatka, Florida 32178-1351
Phone: 386-329-0100 ext.333

Email Us: